Saturday, August 1, 2009

the neverending story chronicles

1993 and 1994
I sew the neverending story on HBO in my room. I loved everything about it. The movie made me want to be a traveler of worlds and imgination myself. I just loved that fantasy quality to the movie that made you dream and get away. I wanted to able t do the same thing with my mind whenever I read a book.

It was a week day and I was in the library searching for a good book to read. When I looked down and in corner of the shelf I sew it the neverending story. I keeped and just steared instantly remembering the book. Immidiately I start reading it and take it home with me.
By this time I had seen the both movies and had still only liked the first but when started reading and getting it fast I came to a discovery I had not known before. Both movies where just one book not two and that the book was WAY more better then either movies had tried to make it.

The whole book is like a work of art if you can find it and read it yourself. Plus it makes much more sense then both movies tried and failed to do in true meaning. Self acceptance and love for who you are and who you have in your life.

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