Friday, July 24, 2009

Chronicles of Len (The matrix movies)

I was at the movies with my younger brother Lee watching a new popular movie out called " The Matrix". I did nt' know much if any thing about it. But it was a friday so why not.

We get in the movie theater is pacted. We live out. saying "wow man that was...... wow!"

I hocked on the movie.

I catch the next film "Matrix Reloaded" on DVD and see it once again with Lee. Now at the end of the film I kind of like it.

Meaning, I like the action in the film but now I'm starting to wonder about the story and its coming ending and it will all make sense.

"Huh! What the hell was that?"
Now I go to the film with Lee and my uncle. The theater was pacted with people young and old ready for the event. I half through the film I'm both annoyed and amased but still more annoyed. Action and cool syfy ship battles aside I still was left feeling "Huh.

Then at the end...I looked to my brother beside me and said"Hell!"

Now Lee, myself and my uncle walk out slowly not talking. I guy about our age walking out with us toward the exit/extrance for some unknown reason we all stop amoment look at each other weirdly and he says it first.

"Could someone tell me what hell that was about?"

It was then we all broke from the spell and agreed loadly with his statement.

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